There’s nothing like spending time at the beach, especially in the Garden Route, South Africa. The baking sun, soft sand, cresting waves and sea breeze on your face.

At Compass Treatment Centre, we offer a variety of seasonal Seaside Therapy activities to help you on your journey to recovery.

From the texture of the sand to the blue aquatic hue of the waters, experts say the beach offers plenty of restorative physical and psychological benefits for even the most jaded of souls.
  • The sand – soft, white sand can be a relaxing tactile stimulus
  • The colour – studies have shown that blue has a calming effect on people
  • The sound – the calming soundtrack of the sea may trigger the brain to release feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin
  • The air – beach air carries negative ions that help recharge the body and improve mood
  • The water – about 60% of an adult’s body comprises water. The natural pull we feel toward the beach may have an evolutionary tie
  • The sights – gazing out at the water can do wonders to clear the mind
  • Your health – sun exposure causes the body to produce vitamin D, which helps with bone strength and calcium absorption. We recommend a good sunscreen when out and about
  • Connectedness – being surrounded by others and enjoying the same thing can make us feel good by association