Our Therapies.

This isn’t just recovery, but a new way of life.

Our holistic treatment program provides residents with a diverse range of therapies & experiences that reinforce a happy and dignified life in sobriety.

Our typical length of stay varies from 3 months to six months or even up to a year, depending on our resident’s needs. During this time, we will help develop their recovery plan, create new habits, set goals for the future, and prepare for a life of sober independence.

Residents receive a minimum of 12 clinical hours each week through various groups, individual therapy and 12-Step studies.

We keep our residents busy but surround their structured time with freedom and autonomy.  This allows them to feel uniquely trusted and take an active part in their recovery process.

Along with addiction treatment, our program helps build accountability, responsibility and integrity, giving our residents the skills to become sober and successful in everyday life and during challenging times.

This personalised treatment program sets the foundation for a healthy and independent life and assists our residents to re-connect with their loved one’s and community.