Admissions criteria.

All candidates will undergo a pre-admission assessment interview. We ask that each resident commit to a minimum of 90 days, although for some residents a longer length of stay may be required for maximum therapeutic benefit.

 You should:

  • Be Over 18
  • Must have a desire to change and a willingness to commit to a 90-day program
  • Must agree to comply with the Resident’s Code of Conduct


  • People with multiple addictions
  • People with a history of trauma
  • Chronic relapsers
  • First responders
  • High-risk employment
  • Professionals
  • People suffering from burn-out, anxiety or depression

 Pre-Admission Interview

Potential clients will have a pre-admission interview with one of our staff members before being cleared for intake. The interview helps determine appropriateness for the Compass Treatment Centre program. We assess motivation for recovery and physical ability to take part in our program model.

We require information about previous treatment and legal history to assess our ability to help in each individual case. This is also an opportunity to interview us and determine if you are ready for the level and style of treatment we have created.

Interviews are scheduled and can be done via phone, video chat or in person. Interviews can take place on short notice when needed to facilitate a safe transition into our program and we prefer that they happen early in the enquiry process.

Contact us to speak with a team member and learn more about our admissions process.

Commitment to Privacy

We understand that any treatment process is a private matter that clients wish to keep to themselves. Therefore, our clients can feel assured that privacy, confidentiality and security are our highest priority.

Code of Ethics

All clients are treated with integrity and the highest ethical standards in treatment with the families receiving regular feedback with valid consent from the client. We have a code of ethics which covers the following:

  • The Counselling Relationship
  • Evaluation, Assessment and Interpretation of Client Data
  • Confidentiality/Privileged Communication and Privacy
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Non- Discrimination- Working in a Culturally Diverse World
  • Workplace Standards
  • Supervision and Consultation
  • Resolving Ethical Issues
  • Communication and Published Works
  • Policy and Political Involvement